2 thoughts on “The Parkinson’s Drug Trial: A Miracle Cure? BBC 2”

  1. To be truthful it scared me a little however I think it was good for the public to see and parkinsons is not all shaky infact I do not have one. My husband watched it with me and he could sympathise with the carers
    I just hope that I stay the same until I pass away as this is manageable not what I wanted in my later years but I can cope altho my husband does loads for me.

  2. Susan,

    Thanks for your comment – i dont have a tremor either but i am rather slow and stiff. I also found the 2x programs rather scary as well – though they say that no two people with Parkinson’s have the exactly same symptoms, I am pleased about that as I dont want to get any worse than I am now, I would actually like to reverse my Parkinson’s! Thats why I am pleased that in Medway each Tuesday the University of Kent organise a Parkinson’s specific exercise class and each Thursday St Mary’s Boxing Club host a Boxing4Parkinson’s class also as the Parkinson’s Group(s) in Medway are members of the Medway Neurological Network, we can access each Saturday a fun singing and movement group in St Mary’s Island Community Centre called the Medway Skylarks.

    see also..https://medium.com/parkinsons-uk/gdnf/home?fbclid=IwAR273f5Ed7h2wrzZtzDrYEesfBcMuEeJegEvh2alOXpNfXQknpfmgNlnxCE

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