Nigeria @ 60 and Uganda Independence Celebrations – 1st and 9th October 2020

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Dear All,
As we are now in the final few days leading up to Nigeria @ 60 celebrations & just over a week away before the Uganda celebrations (see below link), grateful if you could confirm:

1. Your availability for the 1st or 9th;

2.  Your availability for the specified time slot see attached programme;

3. In addition, grateful if you could let me know if you will attend the event(s) via Zoom or in-person (please note that as Jaspers Community Cafe has very limited seating available it would be appreciated if you would attend via Zoom);

4. I intend to record both of these celebrations, grateful if you would give me your permission to use you image;

5. I have invited the press to these events;  

6. I suggest we have a pre-meet for the Uganda event on Friday 2nd October – time TBC – grateful if the speakers on the 9th could let me know if they are available on the 2nd and if so what time is best. 

Nigeria – Thursday 1st October: 13;30 -15;30

2 pm (start of celebration) –  all should have joined by this time; 2.15 pm Opening remarks by the Nigeria HC; 2.25 pm Opening remarks by the Mayor of Medway; 2.40 pm Talk by Omotola Thomas; 2.45 pm Talk by Abiola. Ed; 3 pm Talk by. Oluseyi Obadare; 3.15 pm Talk by Cllr Omolola.

Uganda. –  Friday 9th October from 13:30-15;15

2pm (start of celebration) –  all should have joined by this time;
2.15pm Damalie Nakibuuka Uganda HC – thank you for your email grateful;2.25pm Opening Remarks by Mayor of Medway – please confirm;2.40pm Talk by Omotola Thomas;2.45pm Talk by Kabugo Hannington;3pm Talk by Cllr Rupert Turpin


Philip Bungay

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